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Crema on Espresso

When hot water pushes through coffee, it makes crema: a layer of foam on the top of an espresso. Its sought-after aroma separates a good espresso from any drip coffee. You can learn to read your crema color and thickness to better understand your coffee.


The Cappuccino

Cappuccinos have been a popular and delicious coffee beverage for only about a century now. Its short life has not made its origins any clearer, with Austrian and Italian drinks springing up around the same time with the same recipe. Sometimes people think the first cappuccino recipe was Kapunizer Kaffee, a sweet coffee with milk […]


The Americano

The Americano drink may be the simplest coffee recipe, but is commonly compared to filter coffee, a nod to its origin, and often confused with the Lungo. Despite confusion, the Americano has a simple recipe explained through its history. During the second world war, Italians served American soldiers espresso. They were grateful, but admitted the […]

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