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Roasting and Blending for Espresso!

September 2022
Roasting and Blending for Espresso!

Dear friends and customers! Today we will be talking about roasting and blending for Espresso and the process of it all! So let’s start from roasting espresso!

For espresso, it used to be customary to roast everything quite dark. Roasters used this beverage as justification for going a little darker. Then, even more of these taste notes will be filtered out by that aggressive brewing approach. And as a result, the roaster was automatically forced to brew very weak shots. Lighter roasting techniques gained popularity over time. However, with this technique of roasting beans for espresso, it became acidic. Preferably, we would seek sweetness, balance, and substance in espresso while maintaining a small amount of acidity. At the time, baristas and roasters were unsure of how to handle the excessive acidity. In modern times, the espresso roasting process deals with it much better now than years ago, especially with the quality of our roasters.

Our roasters are finding the perfect balance in their understanding of what works best for particular espresso beans and the way roasting works for them. When you roast espresso it needs to be balanced whether you are roasting light or dark espresso it needs to be balanced to make the perfect taste.

Espresso blending

This can be a lengthy process, but definitely not a hard one if you follow the correct procedure while experimenting to determine how different coffee blends. 

In the past, roasters combined several coffees in order to conceal poorly roasted or subpar coffee or to increase the volume of mixes. 

However, recently, blends gained popularity among roasters looking to provide a unique, trademark coffee, which is exactly what we offer, a unique taste! The process of taking coffee beans directly from the roaster to the espresso maker may often take months. Therefore, espresso blending often begins by combining a variety of ingredients that have been roasted on the cupping table. Try brewing the mixture as espresso once it has reached the stage where it tastes good. When you’ve finished testing, keep perfecting your blend to make your customers fall in love and keep them wanting more.


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