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Irish Coffee

June 2023
Irish Coffee

Its the early 1940s and Joe Sheridan made a new drink to wake up travelers at what is now Shannon Airport. When asked what it was, he replied, Irish coffee. He explained how to make it, and birthed a delicious alcoholic caffeinated dessert.

Irish Coffee Ingredients

In how to make Irish Coffee, traditional methods vary a lot from many served today. Key ingredients, generally coffee, cream, and whiskey, are modified. Sometimes substituted for local ones, wildly different beverages come as new countries try it.

The original key ingredients are coffee, brown sugar, whiskey, and freshly whipped cream. Strong, darkly flavored roasts made with a method like French press, taste ideal. Irish whiskey, the exact brand unimportant, normally around 80 proof, works well. And remember, whipped cream from a can is always different from fresh heavy cream whipped on the spot.

Traditional key ingredients are:

  • brown sugar to taste
  • four ounces of coffee
  • one shot of Irish whiskey
  • heavy cream, lightly whipped to fill the cup

Just like the ingredients change with globalization, how to make Irish coffee changes. Cafes do not always execute the traditional method with quality key ingredients and detailed preparation.

To make your own, follow:

  1. Preheat glass by rinsing and dumping hot water.
  2. Put brown sugar in the empty glass.
  3. Add hot coffee and whiskey.
  4. Stir both in until sugar dissolves.
  5. Float cream on top. Stream it on the back of a spoon while slowly raising it from the top of the drink.
  6. Leave the cream on top without stirring.
  7. Enjoy!

Other coffee and whiskey cocktails and refreshments have become popular as well. Iced versions, milkshakes, or added flavors pop up around the world. Some shops simply splice a latte or cappuccino with whiskey. Others might use espresso or automated brewers.

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