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Eye on Coffee: What are Coffee Eyes?

July 2023
Eye on Coffee: What are Coffee Eyes?

The term is used to describe certain drinks with a few variations. The name is rumored to come from flights across the USA overnight: so exhausting, you show up with red eyes.

Starbucks originally included this as a secret menu beverage. Now, there are many different ones around the country like dead and black eye. On the west coast, hammerhead. In Alaska, a sludge cup. Sometimes, coffee with a shot. Known as a strong drink for workers with long shifts, its comparable to a cold brew in strength.

Red Eye Coffee Drink: How To

Red eye coffee, the original, is made with a cup of drip with one shot of espresso on top. Some shops might go ahead with a double shot as is the standard espresso maker. Drank cold or hot, add milk and sugar to your liking on the side.

The exact recipe goes:

  • 8 oz brewed coffee
  • 1 espresso shot (30 ml or 1 oz)
  • Added flavors to preference

Black Eye Coffee: What’s the Difference?

Ever since, other, even stronger kinds sprang up. They vary in the amount of espresso and caffeine. Black eye coffee has 2 espresso shots. Dead, or green eye, has 3. To try in combination with decaf coffee, its a lazy eye.

The flavor is like an Americano with a body and a half. Individual tastes are hard to tell as the dense caffeine content is the goal here. As a new drink of choice, different combinations can flavor in interesting ways. You might try a fruity drip with a chocolaty espresso. Research your coffee at home or ask a barista about their selection at the shop.

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