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Typhoon 10 kg Industrial

Revolutionary coffee roasting technology for industrial production volumes

Unlock the full potential of your coffee beans with Typhoon 10 kg Industrial for large volumes. Our unique technology gives you a 100% convection, automatic machine with low energy consumption. Roast coffee more cost-effectively, at a higher quality and faster speed with Typhoon 10 kg!

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Tech specifications:

Typhoon 10 kg Industrial


6 - 10 kg

Roast time

7 - 10 min


60 kg/h

Heat source


Tech specifications:

Tech specifications: Gas burner version

Gas burner version

Tech specifications: Electric version

Electric version


3250 х 1200 х 2050


1100 kg

Heating power

10 – 45 kW

Gas consumption

3 m3/h

Connection power

12 kW


20A / 380 – 400 V


100% convection roasters

Our patented ‘fluid bed’ technology allows you 100% uniform coffee, 30-40% faster. Thanks to air roasting, the coffee beans don’t burn, but are evenly distributed on a horizontal grid and actively stirred by air streams during the roasting process. In addition, a convection roaster more easily replicates the set profiles in both manual and automatic modes. The roaster doesn’t need to make adjustments for the inertia of metals as the response is nearly instantaneous. Convection roasters hardly dissipate heat for metal preheating; every kilowatt of energy goes directly to heating the coffee.
Use only modern technology together with Typhoon!

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Electric roasters, with low consumption!

Thanks to the Recycling Air System, the air circulates in a closed circle with heaters at a 95% efficiency rate. Roasting 1 kg of coffee takes only 0.35 kW! The roaster simply plugs into the grid, but can optionally run on wind turbines and solar panels. There is also a version with a gas burner.
Reduce your roasting costs together with Typhoon Roasters!

2x productivity compared to drum roasters

With Typhoon 10 kg Industrial, you can do up to 6 batches per hour at maximum load, and the roasters don’t require any preparation protocol—you can start a new cycle right after unloading. This is very convenient if you need to roast large volumes.
Don’t settle for less!

Full automation of the process

The roaster automatically roasts the coffee. The operator only needs to create a profile—the roaster will prepare itself for roasting, add the coffee, roast it, and unload it onto the cooler at the right time! All parameters can be adjusted in real-time.
Roasting has never been this easy!

Convenient and infrequent maintenance

Our roasters are designed with our customers’ time in mind, because every day spent on service or maintenance is a loss of time. That’s why all models have a convenient design with easy access for quick service and cleaning of all components.
With Typhoon 10, you can focus solely on roasting!

Add uniqueness to your moder!

Coffee roasters are more than just equipment. At the heart of your business, eye-catching accents can fit any Typhoon machinery into the interior aesthetic of your establishment. With a flexible color configuration, you can paint different elements of the roaster individually with RAL colors. With the freedom to express your most daring ideas freely, Typhoon can bring them to life!



Modern Fluid Bed Roasting Technology!

Coffee is delicately and evenly stirred by an air flow at a speed of 7m/s. This is our patented coffee roasting method!

Quick cooling

After a roast is ready, it’s important to quickly stop the pyrolysis process and ​discharge the coffee to avoid any baked flavors. Typhoon roasters cool the batch in as little as 2 to 2.5 minutes.

2-year warranty on everything with instant service

Within 2 years from the time of receipt, we will repair your equipment and send free parts within 24 hours from our own production in the Czech Republic

Defect-Free Roasting

Convection roasting eliminates the main factor that causes defects: over 300 degree metal heating over making contact with the bean. Forget about scorching, chipping, burning, and craters—roast coffee without defects!

Profile Transfer

We will transfer up to 20 of your profiles from your old roaster to the new Typhoon roaster, preserving the main control points. The taste and quality will be significantly better.

Training Course

With each roaster, you receive a free comprehensive training course that will help you get to know our roasters, deeply understand the principles of roasting, and elevate your or your specialist’s skills to a professional level!

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