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Typhoon 20 kg hybrid

Revolutionary coffee roasting technology in the service of serious business

Which is better? The traditional drum roaster or the innovative air roaster? "The Typhoon 20 kg Hybrid can be either a conduction roaster or an air roaster. You choose your preferred type of heat transfer for best results.

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Tech specifications:

Typhoon 20 kg hybrid


10 - 20 kg

Roast time

7 - 10 minutes


up to 120 kg/h

Heat source


Typhoon 20 kg hybrid

Choose your preferred amount of heat transfer!

More convection or more conduction? You decide.

Сhoose among 3 options: 10% drum and 90 fluid-bed, 50% drum and 50% fluid-bed, 70% drum and 30% fluid-bed​. ​Apply h​eat for perfect bean color consistency ​using 2​ ​different ways of mixing: ​airflow and and drum blades. Shipment set Included with the roaster are r​ eplaceable drum blades of various thickness. By changing your drum blades​, you can ​adjust drum heat transfer. For instance, 2mm drum blades accumulate ​a ​low amount of heat ​- the main source being airflow. Conversely, ​6mm drum blades accumulate a lot of heat thus excluding necessity to apply airflow.


Let’s switch to renewable energy sources together! 

With our electric models, the average kw/h energy consumption per kg of coffee is 0.4 kWh or lower – one of the best in the industry among all-electric roasters.

We achieved these results due to several factors:

– An efficient heat transfer system. Energy is applied directly to the coffee.
– Thick insulation layer of 50 to 150 mm. Rockwool of this thickness allows you to reduce heat loss during heating and not to depend on temperature changes in the room.
– hot air recuperation. Our roasters use heat efficiently by recycling heated air

Absolute control over the process

“Typhoon profile” + “Cropster” & “Artisan” = maximum convenience for stable work!

It is crucial to maintain the profile during a roast upon which depends taste, flavor and color qualities of the roasted product. Roaster master needs to select the right parameters to develop individual taste and flavor descriptors for ​coffee o​ f special sort and origin. Typhoon Profile System 3.0 will allow you to create and ​store ​professional ​profiles f​or ​coffee r​oasting. Standard models include touch-screen panels to set and control the system.

Easy cleaning and service

Gain full access to the most remote areas of the machine for ​the cleaning ​of chaff and by-products.

To open ​the​ r​oaster, you ​only need ​a​ few seconds. Cleaning c​ an be done ​effectively b​etween shifts since the main filter screen can be easily removed and rid of by-products. In doing so, you can avoid the effect of a dirty drum ​which causes ​an ​unsavory s​ moky smell.

A full-fledged cyclone integrated into the roaster!

New Typhoon hybrid comes with​ with an external cyclone which effectively cleanses the air of chaff and ​supplies clean air for the next r​ oast cycle. You can roast batches non-stop without ​needing​ to destone coffee after it has been dropped to the cooling table​, t​he batch being perfectly clear of various admixtures. You can dispose of rubbish collected in a bin under the external cyclone once per 15 roasts.

Add uniqueness to your moder!

A coffee roaster has long ceased to be just equipment. It is the heart of the business, the eye-catching accent. To make it easier for you to fit Typhoon into the interior of your establishment, we have developed a flexible color configurator. With it, you can paint different elements of the roaster individually in RAL colors. Give freedom to your most daring ideas, and we will bring them to life!


Tech specifications:

Tech specifications: Electric version

Electric version

Tech specifications: Gas burner version

Gas burner version


1170 x 2600 x 3520


1250 kg

Connection power

67 kW


110A / 380 – 400V

Energy costs for 1 kg of the product

0.3 kW

Power consumption during the roasting process

30 kWh


Look at video of Typhoon roaster

In this video we show clearly how Typhoon roaster works. We also talk about our fluid-bed patented technology and history of our company.


Airflow control

This function allows​ the user to maintain​ full control over the airflow during all stages of roasting which results
in maximum consistency in heat transfer. All parameters are saved to the history log and can be
reloaded for following roasts.

Quick cooling

After a roast is ready, it’s important to quickly stop the pyrolysis process and ​discharge the coffee to avoid any baked flavours. Typhoon roasters can quickly cool the batch during 2 or 2,5 minutes.

Modular air heating

It’s crucial to have a smooth ​regulatory heating system​ for quality and consistency ​during roasting​. T​herefore, we install​ed​ modular PID-regulated tubular electric heaters in our machines.

Air exchange regulation

Typhoon roasters are constructed in such a way as to provide ​a​ fresh air supply to the roasting area as
well as smoke outtake. This is key for proper coffee roasting since baked and smoky flavors are ​prevented​ this way.

Automatic control

Typhoon roasters are fully controlled by the roasting profile software “Typhoon profile system 3.0”. This
program will allow you to create roasting profiles, choose one from the history log, monitor the current
parameters and ​provides​ everything you need for professional coffee roasting.

Easy clean and service

The distinctive feature of Typhoon roasters is availability to easily reach all the places and parts of coffee roaster for cleaning the rubbish and by-products. Regular cleaning will reduce undesired smoky aromas in a cup.

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