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Typhoon 2.5 kg shoproaster

Turn your coffeeshop into a roastery

Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster is what a professional roaster master needs for perfect roasts of small batches of coffee. This model incorporates mobility and a wide range of functions while communicating the style of your coffee shop or production.

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Tech specifications:

Typhoon 2.5 kg shoproaster


2.5 kg

Roast time

5 - 8 min


15 kg/h

Heat source


Tech specifications:

Tech specifications: Electric version

Electric version


1675 x 1000 x 1580


310 kg

Connection power

15 kW


23A / 380 – 400 V

Energy costs for 1 kg of the product

0,3 kW

Power consumption during the roasting process

6 kWh


100% Convection Roasters

Consistency, evenness, peak performance, and unparalleled flavor—experience all of these with our no-contact, air-based roasting system. Notably, our convection roasters manage to process around 6 batches every hour, substantially outperforming the 3.5 batches per hour you’d get from traditional conduction roasters. We boast the industry’s top convection ratios. Coffee beans ‘float’ in the air while roasting, thus avoiding metal contact. Ideal for crafting rich espressos and pure filter coffee.

Choose Excellence. Choose Typhoon.

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Hassle-Free Roaster Assembly and Installation

Your new roaster comes securely packaged, requiring just one individual and a couple hours to unbox, assemble, and get the machine up and running! Our expert technicians are also on standby to offer specialized guidance on your ventilation needs.
It’s as simple as plug-and-go!

Energy-Efficient Electric Roasters!

Invest in our energy-efficient electric roasters! With our innovative Recycled Air System and 95% efficient heaters, you’ll only require 0.35 kW to roast a kilogram of coffee. Additionally, our roasters offer the flexibility to operate on renewable energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels.
Say goodbye to unnecessary hassles with gas infrastructure in your cafe and roastery.

Unveil the Art of Roasting

With a customizable design and transparent roasting chamber, our design lets you and your customers watch the entire roasting process unfold. This visibility is crucial for coffee shops and roasteries where the magic happens right before your guests’ eyes.
Elevate your roasting to an engaging experience for your clientele!

Cutting-Edge Fluid Bed Roasting Technology!

With our SHOP roasters, outdated drums and mechanical stirrers are a thing of the past. Our modern Fluid Bed roasting technology uses air currents to gently and uniformly mix the coffee beans at a velocity of 7m/s. Experience the future of coffee roasting with our exclusive, patented technique.
See the difference for yourself!

Add uniqueness to your moder!

Coffee roasters are more than just equipment. At the heart of your business, eye-catching accents can fit any Typhoon machinery into the interior aesthetic of your establishment. With a flexible color configuration, you can paint different elements of the roaster individually with RAL colors. With the freedom to express your most daring ideas freely, Typhoon can bring them to life!


Video presentation of Typhoon roasters 2.5

In this video, we clearly demonstrate how a Typhoon shoproaster works, our fluid-bed patented technology, and the history of our company.


Airflow control

This function allows​ the user to maintain​ full control over airflow throughout every stage of roasting, resulting in maximum consistency during heat transfer. All parameters are saved to the history log and can be reloaded for following roasts.

Quick cooling

After a roast is ready, it’s important to quickly stop the pyrolysis process and ​discharge the coffee to avoid any baked flavors. Typhoon roasters cool the batch in as little as 2 to 2.5 minutes.

Training Course – “Professional Level Roasting”

With each roaster, you receive a free comprehensive training course that will help you get to know our roasters, deeply understand the principles of roasting, and elevate your or your specialist’s skills to a professional level!

2-Year Warranty and Instant Service

Within two years from the moment of receiving, we will repair your equipment and send free parts within 24 hours from our own production in the Czech Republic. We use an automated alert system in case of malfunctions, and our specialists resolve your issue instantly.

2x Productivity Compared to Drum Roasters

In our roasters, you can do up to 6 batches per hour at maximum load, and the roasters don’t need a preparation protocol – you can start a new cycle immediately after unloading!

Convenient and Rare Maintenance

Our roasters are designed with customer time-saving in mind, because every day spent on service or maintenance is a loss of time. Therefore, all models have a convenient design with easy access for quick servicing and cleaning of all parts.

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