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The idea to create coffee roasters which would differ from those that have been used for over 150 years, was inspired during an exhibition show in Seattle, USA. As we saw how self-made machines were used for coffee roasting, we decided to create something that professional roaster masters truly want. The idea to upgrade fluid-bed coffee roasting was born, and we came up with the patented technology which both effectively roasts coffee beans and is easy to work with.

We have been working on creation of high-tech coffee roasters and processing equipment for over 5 years now. Typhoon Roasters is called to bring a revolution in coffee roasting industry.

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Typhoon Roasters

Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster

Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster is what a professional roaster master needs for perfect roasts of small batches of coffee. This model incorporates mobility and a wide range of functions while communicating the style of your coffee shop or production.

2.5 kg
Roast time
5-8 min
12.5 kg/h
Heat source

Typhoon 5 shoproaster

"Typhoon 5" is equipped with an external cyclone for effective removal of coffee chaff. It has been developed to meet the demands of both the professional roaster master and beginners in the coffee industry!

5 kg
Roast time
5-8 min
25 kg/h
Heat source
electric heaters

Typhoon 9 kg hybrid

What is better, a traditional drum roaster or a fluid-bed coffee roaster? Typhoon 9 kg Hybrid can be both drum and 100% fluid-bed with the user able to choose their preferred type.

This is the revolution in the coffee roasting industry!

1-9 kg
Roast time
7-10 min
30 kg/h
Heat source

Cacao roaster 3 kg

Fluid-bed technology is a careful and quick method for roasting cacao. It is probably the most convenient technical solution for chocolatier specialists working in the bean-to-bar n iche today.

3 kg
Roast time
8-15 min
up to 18 kg/h
Heat source
Electric heater

Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster

Turn your coffeeshop into a roastery

Tech specifications

Typhoon 5 shoproaster

For ​demonstrating​ coffee roasting in coffee shops and roasteries. ​

Tech specifications

Typhoon 9 kg hybrid

Typhoon 9 kg hybrid

Tech specifications

Cacao roaster 3 kg

New roaster for cacao beans

Tech specifications


High quality assembly

The equipment is handmade and tested in accordance with the highest standards for quality and safety control. Ourengineering staff ​work​ meticulously to choose components and spare parts for further manufacturing.

Fluid-bed coffee roasting

We have rethought the traditional fluid-bed wway of roasting and ​come​ up with the innovative line of Typhoon models roasting according to US patented technology. Never before was it possible to roast coffee with this level of consistency, stability and cleanness.

Download software for free

The way we see it, up-to-date technology should be accessible for free and that’s why we ship each coffee roaster with a free pack of software for automatic profile roasting.

10 years experience

The first Typhoon roaster was built in 2009 and then demonstrated at a Seattle exhibition in the US. So far, we have made multiple technical upgrades and sold over 60 Typhoon models.

Innovative ​technology

Our task was to resolve classical issues with coffee roasting which are present with traditional drum roasting. We are happy to say that we have achieved easy maintenance for our machines as well as efficient energy consumption, almost ideal roasting consistency and stability.

Each unique detail

Make your coffee roaster unforgettable! Customise ​the ​frame, door and panels in your favorite colors while ordering your company logo for laser printing.

Our roasters work perfectly with
“artisan” & “cropster”

Our technologies have been
patented in the USA


What our customers say about us

Eugene Shot

Coffee Bravos roastery CEO, based in Ryazan, Russia

We have been ​wholesaling coffee for 4 years and initially rented Germany-made coffee roasters. When we arrived at the point for launching our own roastery, we faced two options. Number one, we could buy imported equipment which would cost a pretty penny. Number two, we could choose from the ones offered ​at​ a local ​marketplace. When we bought ​our​ Typhoon Roaster, we never regretted our decision. These are the coffee roasters which represent the best correlation between quality and price.

Oscar -

Owner of Famco coffee roastery, Miami, Florida

We really like Typhoon coffee roasting technology​.​ ​T​his method delivers you that perfectly roasted coffee taste without any burnt traces, capturing the unique nuances and potential of every single bean. All of our beans are rnever roasted, ​with special attention paid to temperature and time. To us, coffee roasting is not just a technique, rather an art form that has reached the highest level of production demonstrating how coffee should be. 

Carlos Edmundo Gerrero Luna

CEO "El DORADO coffee roasters" Columbia

We roast coffee using 3 coffee roasters made by Typhoon Roaster, one roaster with 7kg one batch size capacity and two 2 kgs. We enjoy roasting coffee with hot air! This technology has allowed us to roast coffee by delicate and consistent transfer of heat to coffee beans thus avoiding common coffee bean defects. Our company in Saint Petersburg offers training courses in coffee roasting under guidance of experienced roaster masters. We are the official representative of Typhoon Roaster in Saint Petersburg and by visiting our production facilities you will be able to have a closer look at operational advantages of Typhoon coffee roasters

Test drive

Test drive a Typhoon roaster for demonstration of all the advantages Typhoon Coffee has to
offer! You can choose from any representative ​company​ in different countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Vietnam, USA and more. Our
partners will be glad to assist you while taking Typhoon test drive!

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Video blog
Here you can find our newest videos connected to coffee roasting and more!
Typhoon 9 kg HYBRID. Presentation
We wanted to show how flexible this roaster is in terms of using different types of energy. You can solve your problem of choosing between convection and conduction roaster with one machine. Because these two technologies are combined in Typhoon Hybrid roasters. The model range also includes 15 kg and 30 kg roasters with similar options but more powerful in performance. I invite you to our showroom, where you can see live everything that we showed in today's video.
Typhoon 9 kg HYBRID. Presentation
Software compatibility of the Typhoon Roaster
Typhoon coffee roaster. Fluid-bed technology for coffee roasting revolution.
Typhoon roaster 5 kg. Fluid-bed coffee roaster presentation
Typhoon roaster 5 kg. Highligts of innovative fluid-bed roaster
Typhoon roaster 5 kg teaser. Fluid-bed roaster with transparant roasting chamber door.
Maintenance of the Typhoon Roaster
How to clean the roaster. Typhoon 5 kg guide.
How to roast a coffee for alternative brew.Typhoon 2.5 kg tutorial (Vol. 2)
How to roast a coffee for espresso. Typhoon 2.5 kg tutorial (Vol. 1)
Fluid bed coffee roaster Typhoon 5 kg
Typhoon 4 kg Shoproaster. Unpacking and Installation.
NEW coffee roaster Typhoon 9kg HYBRID
Typhoon 2 kg Shoproaster. Unpacking and Installation.
Ростер на 2 кг. обжарки и на 4 кг обжарки, обзор.
Coffee roaster "Typhoon 4kg with External Cyclone"
Ростер для обжарки кофе "Тайфун 4кг с Внешним Циклоном"
Typhoon SHOPROASTER 2.5 kg - fantastic fluid bed roaster for your coffee shop!
Запуск ростера на 2 кг в г.Ереван, Армения
Новый дестонер для очистки свежеобжаренного кофе от мусора от компании ООО "Тайфун Кофе"
The invitation from Typhoon Coffee to visit PIR EXPO 2019
Ростер 12кг Тайфун кофе, Coffee Roastes
Основы обучения обжарке кофе на ротерах Тайфун 2кг
Revolution in coffee roasting! "Typhoon roaster 2kg" promo
Typhoon coffee roaster - how it works?
ростер 2 кг
Один день из жизни компании Typhoon Coffee
Тестдрайв ростера Typhoon Roasters 7 кг, версии стандарт
Typhoon Profile System 2.0
Демонстрация ростера на 30 килограмм Typhoon Roasters
Долгожданный ролик, о очистке и косметическом уходе за Ростером для обжарки кофе Typhoon Roasters.
Ростер для обжарки кофе Typhoon, отзыв, г.Владивосток
Ростеры для обжарки кофе Typhoon, отзыв, г.Астана, Казахстан
Typhoon coffee запуск и настройка ростера, обжарка кофе, каппинг г. Владивосток, Россия
Демонстрация дестонера V 30
Typhoon coffee запуск ростера, обжарка кофе г.Астана, Казахстан
Ростер для обжарки кофе Typhoon, отзыв, г. Екатеринбург
Typhoon coffee запуск ростера, обжарка кофе г.Екатеринбург, Россия
Отзыв о покупке ростера Typhoon, Абхазия, г.Сухум
Typhoon coffee запуск ростера,обжарка кофе в Абхазии, г.Сухум
Typhoon coffee запуск ростера, обжарка кофе в Санкт-Петербурге
Отзыв о покупке ростера для обжарки кофе Typhoon
Процесс обжарки кофе в ростере TYPHOON
Ростеры для обжарки кофе Typhoon загрузкой 7 кг.
Ростер для обжарки кофе Typhoon - промо ролик
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