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Coffee shop Ireland: Brewing up success

January 2024
Coffee shop Ireland: Brewing up success

Most people visiting Ireland love the culture, music, and natural beauty, but may overlook the thriving coffee scene that has emerged in recent years.

Yet coffee shops across Ireland are experiencing tremendous growth and success – with innovative cafes, remote worker hubs, and even "coffee tourism" now popular nation-wide trends.

In this article, we’ll explore why the Irish coffee shop market is heating up, spotlight unique and pioneering coffee houses making a splash, and uncover the key factors fueling Ireland’s coffee renaissance.


Coffee shops have become ingrained in Irish culture and community hubs over the years. As gathering places for conversation, entertainment, and of course, coffee, they play an integral role across Ireland.

Over the past decade, Ireland has seen immense growth in specialty coffee and café culture. Independent coffee shops focusing on high-quality beans, skilled baristas, and unique atmospheres have sprouted up in cities and towns across the country. Dublin in particular has developed an international reputation for its coffee scene.

This rise of specialty coffee dovetails with an increasing appreciation among Irish consumers for expertly-crafted beverages. More customers now prioritize factors like bean origin, roasting technique, espresso quality, and latte art when frequenting cafes. This discernment has pushed coffee shops to continuously improve and has paved the way for innovation.

Ireland’s flourishing coffee landscape shows no signs of slowing. As the country’s palate for specialty coffee grows, existing shops are leveling up while new entrants bring fresh ideas. Local consumers – and tourists – reap the rewards of this coffee renaissance through better drinks, food, and experiences.

With advanced equipment from Typhoon Roasters, coffee businesses can better meet demand for excellent coffee amidst Ireland’s coffee boom. Their commercial roasters allow shops to expertly roast coffee in-house for the freshest results. This enables cafes to better control bean quality and taste profiles catered to Irish consumer preferences. By integrating Typhoon’s innovative roasters into their operations, coffee shops in Ireland can continue delighting customers and sustaining momentum.

The Growth of Specialty Coffee in Ireland

Specialty coffee is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland, with consumers seeking out higher quality beans and artisanal preparation methods. This growth is being driven by several key factors:

  • There has been a shift towards single origin and lighter roasted specialty beans, moving away from commodity coffee. Customers appreciate learning about bean origin and varietals.
  • Baristas are focusing on manual brewing techniques like pour over, Aeropress, and cold brew. This allows more control and customization for a premium coffee experience.
  • Cafes are investing in high-end equipment like the Typhoon line of coffee roasters. This enables them to roast quality beans in-house and offer unique single origin and blend options.
  • Consumers value the artistry, passion, and care that goes into preparing specialty coffee. From latte art to the customer service interaction, the overall experience matters.

As specialty coffee gains ground, Ireland’s vibrant independent cafe scene continues to thrive.

Increase in Independent Cafes

  • Ireland has seen a boom in artisanal, independent coffee shops in recent years. These showcase unique interior design aesthetics and local touches.
  • Independent cafes help build community and foster neighborly relationships between customers and staff.
  • They emphasize quality beans, skilled baristas, and an enjoyable space to drink coffee.
  • Specialty roasters like 3FE and Cloud Picker provide quality beans that independent cafes serve.

Coffee Tourism

  • Award-winning coffee shops like Kaph, Established, and Clement & Pekoe attract tourists looking for Ireland’s cafe culture.
  • Food and coffee tours around Dublin, Cork, and Galway showcase some of Ireland’s top artisanal coffee spots for visitors.
  • Tourists appreciate the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of Ireland’s cafes, along with the quality espresso drinks.
  • Cafes situated near top tourist attractions tailor experiences to this growing coffee tourism market.
  • Cities like Dublin, Galway, and Cork are becoming popular destinations for coffee tourism.

The specialty coffee wave sweeping Ireland looks set to continue growing. As consumer education and appreciation increases, so too does the demand for quality coffee experiences from bean to cup. Ireland’s vibrant artisanal cafe culture will no doubt continue to thrive.


Spotlight: Innovative Coffee Shops

Ireland’s specialty coffee scene is booming, with creative coffee shops elevating the experience through unique concepts, high-quality beans, and advanced equipment like Typhoon roasters. We’ll highlight two innovative coffee shops demonstrating the opportunities in the market.

Urbanity Coffee

Located in a former church in Dublin, Urbanity Coffee serves exceptional coffee and baked goods while hosting community events. They roast coffee on-site using a Typhoon 5 kg roaster to craft unique bean blends. Customers can purchase beans and attend barista classes in their café. Urbanity builds community through coffee.

The Coffee Angel

The Coffee Angel exemplifies how coffee can do good. Their pay-it-forward concept has customers buy extra coffees for homeless and disadvantaged Dubliners. This raises awareness while providing warmth and comfort. The Coffee Angel partners with coffee shops across Ireland to expand its charitable mission.

Key Factors in the Growth of Coffee in Ireland

Let’s explore the driving forces behind the rising success of Irish coffee shops. From changing consumer preferences to tourism, many factors enable growth. Understanding these trends allows coffee shops to capitalize on opportunities. With proper planning and execution, there is still room for expansion. Investing in quality and community pays off for coffee businesses.

Experience-Driven Customers

  • Consumers visit coffee shops for the overall experience. They appreciate the atmosphere, craft drinks and service. Cafes become a comfortable spot to relax, work, or socialize. Customers develop loyalty to shops that deliver great experiences. Experience-driven consumers fuel repeat business.

  • As tastes evolve, customers seek out specialty coffee drinks and unique cafe environments. Customers are willing to pay more for high-quality beans, skilled baristas, and intimate spaces. Shops that offer exceptional service and products can build a loyal customer base.

  • Coffee shops should focus on curating a warm, welcoming ambiance. Details like music, art, lighting and furniture make a difference. Baristas should be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Customers will return when the overall experience feels comfortable yet special.

Rise of Remote Workers

  • As remote and hybrid work increases, coffee shops provide workspaces outside the home. Fast wifi, ample seating, and power outlets accommodate remote workers. The ambient noise and activity provides a productive backdrop for working.

  • Remote workers represent steady customers that visit cafes daily. Coffee shops should cater to their needs by providing strong wifi signals, plenty of outlets and USB ports, spacious seating, and extended hours. Tapping into the remote workforce helps stabilize sales.

  • Coffee shops can become informal co-working spaces fostering productivity and inspiration. Beyond the office or home, cafes offer a fresh environment to spark creativity. Shops that embrace remote workers will benefit from this growing trend.


Ireland’s specialty coffee scene has seen rapid expansion in recent years, largely driven by shifting consumer preferences toward high-quality coffee experiences. As more customers seek out exceptional cups of coffee, innovative independent cafes have emerged using equipment like Typhoon roasters to craft and serve specialty coffee.

With the rise of remote working and "work from anywhere" trends, coffee shops also double as makeshift co-working spaces. This presents opportunities for cafes to meet the needs of mobile workers looking for great coffee, snacks, WiFi, and comfortable spaces to work. Coffee tourism is also growing, where people specifically travel to visit acclaimed cafes and roasteries. Through coffee tours and tasting events, shops continue to drive interest and engagement within local communities.

By focusing on product quality, customer service, and creating welcoming spaces, Ireland’s cafes and roasteries have built a flourishing coffee culture. As specialty coffee gains prominence worldwide, the country’s thriving independent coffee shops illustrate the rising appreciation for high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee experiences. With continued innovation in the types of coffee, brewing techniques, and the overall customer experience, Ireland is brewing up coffee success.


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