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Cocoa Roaster 3 kg

For perfectly roasted cocoa beans.

Fluid-bed ​technology is a careful and quick method for roasting cacao​. It is probably ​the most convenient technical solution for chocolatier specialists working in the ​bean-to-bar n​ iche ​today.​

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Tech specifications:

Cocoa Roaster 3 kg


3 kg

Roast time

8-15 min


up to 18 kg/h

Heat source

Electric heater

Cocoa Roaster 3 kg

Roasting in hot ​airflow

Clean taste, high efficiency

During the roasting process, ​cacao beans are surrounded by hot air with the heat reaching the core of ​the b​ean. This method is far more effective ​when compared with ​roasting ​using a traditional drum roaster​ ​in which cacao beans receive excess heat a​ t the point of bean surface contact with the drum. Insteadofdamagingcacaohuskswithsubparbeanheating,​ roasting​usingairwillproduce a clean taste​ which is crucial for chocolatier specialists working in ​the ​bean-to-bar ​niche.

Absolute control over the process

"Typhoon profile" + "Cropster" & "Artisan" = maximum convenience for stable work!

It is crucial to maintain the profile during a roast upon which depends taste, flavor and color qualities of the roasted product. Roaster master needs to select the right parameters to develop individual taste and flavor descriptors for ​coffee o​ f special sort and origin. Typhoon Profile System 3.0 will allow you to create and ​store ​professional ​profiles f​or ​coffee r​oasting. Standard models include touch-screen panels to set and control the system.

Tech specifications:

Tech specifications:  Electric version

Electric version




23A / 380-400 V

Heating power

12 kW

Connection power

15 kW


300 kg


Typhoon 3 kg cocoa roaster presentation

if you are not a coffee drinker, but a chocolatier, or have a pastry business, you can still become our customer. To learn more about the 3 kg roaster contact our Sales Team.

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