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The meaning of Scorching

May 2023
The meaning of Scorching

Coffee beans go through many hoops before ending in your coffee cup. Through each step, many mistakes are possible, creating small defects which impact final flavors. One is scorching coffee beans.

By definition, the meaning of scorching is to burn something. Among coffee experts, scorching happens throughout roasting processes, normally thanks to an issue related to two drum factors. Roastmasters know its meaning all too well, as scorching coffee beans makes one strange tasting cup of joe.

If a drum is too hot, scorching follows. Coffee beans contact the drum for too long, coming away burnt. Otherwise, its speed might be too slow. Without enough speed, beans might lay without moving, eventually overheat, and come away damaged.

Scorched coffee beans may look charred or slightly darker around some spots. If roastmasters do not recognize these characteristics while roasting, it will impact their final flavor. (To prevent burning beans, read our article on coffee roast levels.)

Scorched coffee beans end up as burnt, bitter, or smoky flavors in their final coffee product, meaning even amateur roasters should steer clear from this coffee bean defect.


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