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For 10 years now, Typhoon Roasters has been creating equipment designed to revolutionize coffee roasting! We strive to make the best professional product for coffee roastmasters. That's why we cooperate with recognized specialists and experts, who with great enthusiasm helped us to move in a new direction. Most of the technical solutions used in the equipment are our unique developments, which are protected by patents. Today we have a modern production facility in Praha, Czech Republic and qualified personnel, allowing us to produce high quality products at the level of international standards. Rational approach to production and creative design solutions allow us to offer our product at a reasonable price.

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Benefits of Typhoon roasters

higher productivity

Compared to the classic technology. Due to the patented heat transfer technology the coffee gets the energy for roasting more efficiently, as a result the average time of 1 roasting cycle is up to 6-7 minutes! This is 2 times faster than the classic roaster

Less smoke and defects -
clean and bright coffee taste

Patented method of coffee roasting in a fluid bed allows to achieve 100% uniformity and avoid beans damage or burning

"typhoon hybrid"

You no longer need to use different roasters for specialty coffees. Thanks to the hybrid technology you can roast coffee perfectly for a bright filter or a pure espresso on 1 roaster !

With us - you choose reliability

Our facilities are located in the heart of Europe - in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this you get a real European quality, fast service and maintenance, thanks to organized logistics and closeness to our clients.

2.5 KG
5 KG
10 KG
20 KG
30 KG

Typhoon 2.5 shoproaster

The Typhoon 2.5 kg roaster is ideal for professional roasting of small batches of coffee. It combines compactness and wide functionality, while remaining a bright touch in your coffee shop or production facility.


2.5 kg

Roast time

5 - 8 min


12.5 kg/h

Heat source


Typhoon 5 shoproaster

"Typhoon 5" is equipped with an external cyclone for effective removal of coffee chaff. The combination of high productivity and reasonable price of the roaster attracts both experienced businessmen and those who are going to roast their first coffee beans.


5 kg

Roast time

5 - 8 min


25 kg/h

Heat source


Typhoon 10 kg hybrid

What is better, a traditional drum roaster or a fluid-bed coffee roaster? Typhoon 10 kg Hybrid can be both drum and 100% fluid-bed with the user able to choose their preferred type. This is the revolution in the coffee roasting industry! Typhoon 10 kg Hybrid industrial roaster is amazingly powerful.


6 - 10 kg

Roast time

7 - 10 min


60 kg/h

Heat source


Typhoon 20 kg hybrid

The revolutionary hybrid roasting technology is now available for serious business. The Typhoon 20 kg hybrid industrial medium roaster is amazingly powerful, roasting up to 100 kg of coffee per hour. Full automation of the process allows for a perfectly reproducible roasting profile.


10 - 20 kg

Roast time

7 - 10 minutes


up to 120 kg/h

Heat source


Typhoon 30 kg hybrid

The revolutionary hybrid coffee roasting technology is now available for large-scale operations. The Typhoon 30 kg Hybrid Industrial Roaster is amazingly powerful, roasting up to 150 kg of coffee per hour. Full automation of the process allows to get a perfect reproducibility of the roasting profile.


15 - 30 kg

Roast time

7 - 10 min


up to 150 kg/h

Heat source





Глобус Маркер


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Our roasters work perfectly with
“artisan” & “cropster”

Our technology is patented

EU and the USA

Roast stability

Consistence heating

Defect prevention technology

What our customers say about us

Eugene Shot

Coffee Bravos roastery CEO

We have been ​wholesaling coffee for 4 years and initially rented Germany-made coffee roasters. When we arrived at the point for launching our own roastery, we faced two options. Number one, we could buy imported equipment which would cost a pretty penny. Number two, we could choose from the ones offered ​at​ a local ​marketplace. When we bought ​our​ Typhoon Roaster, we never regretted our decision. These are the coffee roasters which represent the best correlation between quality and price.

Oscar -

Owner of Famco coffee roastery, Miami, Florida

We really like Typhoon coffee roasting technology​.​ ​T​his method delivers you that perfectly roasted coffee taste without any burnt traces, capturing the unique nuances and potential of every single bean. All of our beans are rnever roasted, ​with special attention paid to temperature and time. To us, coffee roasting is not just a technique, rather an art form that has reached the highest level of production demonstrating how coffee should be. 

Carlos Edmundo Gerrero Luna

CEO "El DORADO coffee roasters" Columbia

We roast coffee using 3 coffee roasters made by Typhoon Roaster, one roaster with 7kg one batch size capacity and two 2 kgs. We enjoy roasting coffee with hot air! This technology has allowed us to roast coffee by delicate and consistent transfer of heat to coffee beans thus avoiding common coffee bean defects. Our company has the training courses in coffee roasting under guidance of experienced roaster masters. We are the official representative of Typhoon Roaster and by visiting our production facilities you will be able to have a closer look at operational advantages of Typhoon coffee roasters

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Test-drive for demonstration of all the advantages Typhoon Coffee has to offer! You can choose from any representative ​company​ in different countries: Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Vietnam, USA and more. Our partners will be glad to assist you while taking Typhoon test drive!

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Typhoon Roaster is a Czech manufacturer of equipment for the coffee industry. Our production facilities are located in Prague, the heart of Europe. Incredible performance and high technology have made Typhoon an internationally recognized brand, with users and representatives all over the world. Professional experience and well-functioning logistics allow us to deliver our product anywhere in the world.

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