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Professional coffee roasting implies full control and the system of full-time process surveillance with a possibility to adjust profiling on its own. We have created such the system!

With a laptop connected to your coffee roaster, the whole profile is in your hands. Our swift response system, with full-time surveillance, is built to provide you confidence in your coffee roasting and stability in your coffee quality.

The software features the following functions:

  1. Pre-set temp and time of coffee batch drop
  2. Crack time and temperature record
  3. Thermocouples data register
  4. ROR graphs
  5. Pre-set time of DTR
  6. History log in the menu
  7. Smart system of the previous profile repeat

It’s very important to note, that we install the software for free and you can download updates anytime free of charge!

Typhoon Roasters include many features to facilitate your roast control. From recording exact crack times and temperatures to presetting DTR time, temperatures, and even coffee batch drop timing, our technology is a mere extension of your roastmaster knowledge. Save your creations and enjoy the smart system to repeat the previous profile or select one from the detailed history log in the menu. These features use modern software, such as a thermocouple data register and ROR graphs, which we install for free and provide free updates for you to download at your convenience.

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