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Cacao roaster 3 kg

For perfect cacao beans roasting

Fluid bed technology is a careful and quick method for roasting cacao as for today. This is probably the most convenient technical solution for chocolatier specialists working in Bean to Bar niche.

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Tech specifications:

Cacao roaster 3 kg

3 kg
Roast time
8-15 min
up to 18 kg/h
Heat source
Electric heater

Roasting in hot air flow

Clean taste, high efficiency

While consistently being roasted, cacao beans are surrounded by hot air with the heat reaching to the core of a bean. This method is far more effective in comparison with roasting in traditional drum roasters in which cacao beans receive heat at the point of bean surface contact with the drum which will bring damage to cacao husks without in-depth bean heating. Roasting in the air flow will always produce clean taste which is crucial for chocolatier specialists working in Bean to Bar niche.

Absolut control over the process

"Typhoon profile" + "Cropster" & "Artisan" = maximum convenience for stable work!

It is crucial to maintain the profile during a roast upon which depend taste, flavor and color qualities of the roasted product. Roaster master needs to select the right parameters to develop individual taste and flavor descriptors for cacao of special sort and origin. Typhoon Profile System 3.0 will allow you to create and save in history professional recipes for cacao roasting. Standard models include touch-screen panels to set and control the system.

Tech specifications:

Electric version
380-400 V
Heating power
11.5 kWt
Total consumption
15 kWt/h
300 kg

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