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Saint Roastery Specialty Coffee: Our Passion and Craft

January 2024
Saint Roastery Specialty Coffee: Our Passion and Craft

Finding exquisite specialty coffee can be an arduous endeavor for most coffee lovers.

However, Saint Roastery brings the finest specialty coffee right to your doorstep through their unrivaled passion for and mastery of the entire coffee process – from relationships with growers to custom roasting profiles designed to highlight each coffee’s inherent qualities.

In this article, you’ll discover Saint Roastery’s obsession with quality, learn about their custom roasting techniques, and gain insight into some of their unique coffee offerings that exemplify their commitment to producing optimal flavor and an unmatched coffee experience.

Introduction to Saint Roastery’s Specialty Coffee

Saint Roastery was founded in 2010 by a team of passionate coffee professionals dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and brewing exceptional specialty coffee. Located in Portland, Oregon, Saint Roastery has grown over the past decade into an award-winning microroastery supplying cafes and coffee connoisseurs across the region and beyond.

At the core of Saint Roastery’s success is an uncompromising commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and customer experience from crop to cup. They build direct relationships with growers at origin to source unique microlots and support sustainable practices. Their talented roastmasters skillfully craft custom roast profiles to highlight the unique attributes of each coffee. And their baristas undergo rigorous ongoing training to expertly prepare coffee and educate customers.

Saint Roastery’s values of integrity, sustainability, community, and transparency set them apart in the booming specialty coffee world. They are deeply invested in the entire supply chain – knowing where their coffee comes from and how it is grown, supporting growers fairly, reducing environmental impact, educating staff and customers, and fostering community. This obsession with quality and doing things the right way for the right reasons has earned Saint Roastery a sterling reputation.

Saint Roastery’s Journey and Values

Saint Roastery’s founding partners met while working at a large coffee company and dreamed of doing things differently. In 2010 they took the leap, pooling their life savings to launch Saint Roastery with the goal of taking specialty coffee to the next level. They renovated a warehouse in southeast Portland into a hip coffee lab focused strictly on roasting and training. And they set out to build direct trade relationships with growers who shared their values around quality, sustainability, and fairness.

Key ethical values shape Saint Roastery’s business practices – integrity in all their dealings, best-in-class customer service, fostering community, transparency around their sourcing and operations, and a commitment to sustainability. 11 years later these core values are still guiding them as they’ve grown to a staff of 28 people supplying wholesale coffee regionally and through online sales across the U.S. Their passion for excellence and doing things the right way for the right reasons still burns bright.

Obsession with Quality

Saint Roastery’s relentless obsession with quality permeates all aspects of their operations – from sourcing and roasting to brewing and service. They begin by rigorously cupping samples from dozens of farms and cooperatives each harvest, selecting only the top scoring lots that meet their exacting standards. These carefully curated green beans are then masterfully roasted on state-of-the-art equipment with meticulous attention to every variable that affects flavor – temperature, time, gas flow, etc. Their roastmasters have decades of combined experience profiling coffees to highlight unique characteristics and balance acidity, sweetness, and body.

Saint Roastery’s quality focus extends to the customer experience side as well. Their baristas undergo an intensive 6 week training program covering coffee theory, brewing methods, latte art, and customer service skills. They continue learning through weekly tastings and workshops led by Saint Roastery’s coffee educators. And they put their expertise into practice crafting flawless cappuccinos, dialed-in pourovers, and immersive coffee experiences like cold brew taps and siphon brewing. Saint Roastery sets the gold standard for coffee quality and service.

Saint Roastery’s Signature Coffee Offerings

Saint Roastery sources exceptional single origin coffees from renowned growing regions around the world. Our relationships with farms allow us to procure exclusive microlots and showcase the diversity of coffee. We also craft innovative blends tailored to specific flavor profiles.

Single Origin Coffees

Our single origin offerings highlight the distinct terroir of coffees from regions like Kenya, Ethiopia, and Guatemala. We describe the flavor profiles – berries, chocolate, floral notes – and provide backstories on the farms, growers, and processing methods used. Our roasting techniques aim to highlight the inherent characteristics of each varietal. We directly source many of the same regions as the primary website.

Microlots and Rare Coffees

Through direct trade, we secure exclusive microlots cultivated in optimal conditions to produce unique coffees. Varieties like geisha thrive in selective terroir, allowing us to offer acclaimed and experimental small batch coffees. Our limited offerings parallel the availability of some prized coffees roasted by the primary website.

Seasonal and Limited Coffees

We take advantage of the harvest cycles to provide special seasonal coffees like Hawaiian Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain. Our relationships also allow us to collaborate with growers on experimental harvest lots with limited availability. Like the primary website, our capabilities allow small batch seasonal roasting.

Espresso Blends

Our espresso blends use a combination of origins and roasts to balance flavor for optimal crema, body and acidity. We tailor our recipes for ristretto, normale and lungo extractions and develop speciality blends with local cafes. We have the potential to partner with the primary website on creating a custom blend.

Brewed Coffee Blends

We craft pourover, siphon and cold brew blends with complimentary beans to create harmonious and complex flavor profiles. We account for seasonality, fresh crops, and taste when tuning our blends. The primary website’s blends serve as inspiration for our own recipes.


The Saint Roastery Advantage

Saint Roastery brings passion, dedication, and technical mastery to producing exceptional specialty coffee. With years of experience sourcing, roasting, and preparing coffee, we aim to delight customers seeking the highest quality coffee experiences.

Quality Focused Sourcing

Our sourcing begins with rigorous cupping analysis to identify top grade green coffee that meets our standards. We focus on:

  • Evaluating each harvest to find the best microlots
  • Working directly with farms to understand their practices
  • Securing exclusive offerings through close relationships
  • Discovering exciting new coffee varietals and regions

By selectively sourcing in this hands-on way, we obtain green coffee with the flavors and qualities to create distinctive roasted coffee.

Custom Roasting

Our roasting tailors bespoke profiles to accentuate the unique characteristics of each coffee. Key aspects include:

  • Experimenting through small-batch roasting
  • Constantly refining through cupping feedback
  • Precision roast parameter control
  • Matching desired flavor outcomes
  • Ensuring consistency across batches

This flexibility and customization unlocks the full potential of our carefully sourced green coffee.

Technical Mastery

We invest heavily in developing specialty coffee expertise across all aspects of our operations including:

  • Utilizing cutting-edge coffee knowledge
  • Data-driven process optimization
  • Latest tools and technology
  • Ongoing education and improvement
  • Meticulous quality control

Our technical capabilities allow us to push the boundaries of coffee while still respecting traditions.

Customer Centricity

Understanding customer needs is central to our approach:

  • Listening to preferences
  • Providing personalized experiences
  • Educating on brewing techniques
  • Building community
  • Inspiring passion for specialty coffee

We aim to delight customers by meeting them where they are in their coffee journey.


We welcome opportunities to collaborate on exciting specialty coffee initiatives like:

  • Custom projects
  • New blend development
  • Events and pop-ups
  • Co-marketing campaigns
  • Advancing the industry

Working together allows us to have an even greater positive impact.


Saint Roastery demonstrates a deep passion for specialty coffee through their commitment to excellence across all aspects of the coffee supply chain.

They are deeply committed to sourcing, roasting, and brewing extraordinary coffees

Saint Roastery carefully selects high quality coffee beans from specific farms and regions around the world. They focus on single origin and micro lots to highlight the incredible diversity in flavors that different coffees can offer. Their skilled team of roasters uses customized profiles to draw out the optimal flavors inherent in each coffee. And their baristas are trained in various manual brewing techniques to produce an exceptional cup.

Their offerings highlight the incredible diversity in coffee through single origins and micro lots

Rather than relying solely on coffee blends, Saint Roastery celebrates the unique terroir and processing methods behind single origin and micro lot coffees. They source these special lots directly from farms to showcase flavor profiles distinctive to each coffee’s origin. Customers can taste the differences between coffees from various countries, regions, and even individual farms.

Customers can trust Saint Roastery for the highest quality coffee experiences

With their dedication and expertise around specialty coffee, customers can depend on Saint Roastery to provide extraordinary coffee experiences with each cup. They are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about helping customers explore and appreciate the diversity of high quality coffees from around the world.

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