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Coffee roasting course elevates skills

October 2023
Coffee roasting course elevates skills

Introduction to Coffee Roasting Courses

Coffee roasting courses provide comprehensive education in the art and science of coffee roasting, equipping roasters with essential skills to craft exceptional coffee. From sourcing quality green beans to mastering commercial roasting equipment, these courses cover the entire process from start to finish.

Coffee roasting is both an art and a science. It requires understanding the complex chemistry at work during the roasting process as well as honing one’s sensory capabilities for cupping and quality control. Roasting courses allow coffee professionals to deeply enrich their knowledge and refine their techniques.

After completing a high-quality coffee roasting course, roasters can implement industry best practices and innovations in their own facilities. This enables them to improve quality control, achieve greater consistency, and expand production capacity. The return on investment from enhanced skills and optimized operations is immense, with many businesses seeing over 15% increased revenue and 10-20% cost savings after implementing improved processes.

Sourcing High-Quality Green Coffee

Sourcing exceptional green coffee is the crucial first step to producing great roasted coffee. In this module, students learn:

  • How to establish relationships with reputable coffee suppliers and producers
  • Factors like origin, variety, and processing method that impact bean flavor and quality
  • Skills for green coffee assessment including moisture content analysis, screening, and cupping
  • Useful resources like Typhoon Roasters’ green sourcing guide with insights from their 30+ years of experience finding top-tier beans

Profiling Coffee for Optimal Roasts

Creating the optimal roast profile is key to achieving the desired flavors and roast characteristics. This module covers:

  • How to determine ideal roast parameters through profiling
  • Using software tools to predict and adjust roast curves
  • Leveraging Typhoon’s innovative fluid bed roasters to dial in precise profiles. This patented technology allows for unparalleled control over airflow and heat transfer, enabling extremely even and consistent roasting.
  • Hands-on training adjusting time, temperature, and airflow
  • Assessing green coffee qualities to create profiles for specific beans

Mastering Roasting Techniques and Equipment

Core principles of commercial coffee roasting come to life through hands-on equipment training. Key topics include:

  • Physics of heat transfer including conduction, convection, and radiation
  • Operating gas, electric, drum, and fluid bed roasting systems
  • How to achieve target roast degree and development time
  • Experimenting with techniques like light, low and slow roasting
  • Typhoon’s Test Drive program for trying roasters in your own facility before purchase

Cupping and Quality Control

Without strong sensory and analysis skills, it is impossible to optimize the roast. This module teaches:

  • Cupping protocols and tasting techniques to identify flavors and defects
  • How variables in the roast impact the flavor of the coffee
  • Implementing quality control procedures and validation methods
  • Earning the prestigious Q Grader certification to validate your dedication to quality
  • Typhoon’s state-of-the-art on-site cupping lab for sensory training

Implementing Best Practices in Your Facility

The true test of a coffee roasting education is applying the knowledge. Key topics include:

  • Improving workflows and operations based on course learnings, like implementing First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory management for green beans
  • Adopting innovations like IoT monitoring to track roasts in real-time and data analytics to identify process improvements
  • Optimizing roast profiles for your beans and customers’ tastes
  • Increasing batch consistency while reducing defects
  • Investing in reliable, high-capacity roasters like Typhoon’s line

Choosing the Right Coffee Roasting Course

With the wide range of coffee roasting courses available, it’s important to select one aligned with your goals and skill level. Considerations include:

  • Hands-on training opportunities using commercial equipment
  • Beginner fundamentals through advanced skills development
  • Breadth of curriculum covering green sourcing to cupping
  • Reputation of the instructors and training facilities
  • For example, Typhoon Roasters offers immersive courses at their Czech headquarters

Introduction and Fundamentals

Introductory courses provide a solid base of core concepts without hands-on roasting:

  • Coffee origins, processing methods, green coffee qualities
  • Principles of commercial roasting and equipment
  • Helpful for new roasters before making equipment investments
  • Typhoon has an online Basics of Coffee Roasting course

Pros: Affordable, flexible scheduling, accessible online
Cons: No hands-on roasting practice

Intermediate Roasting Skills

Level up skills with hands-on practice and deeper instruction:

  • Diving into variables like time, temperature, and airflow patterns. For example, higher airflow early in the roast enhances drying.
  • Analyzing and adjusting roast profiles for different beans
  • Operating sample roasters and evaluating results through cupping
  • Typhoon’s on-site intermediate course includes roasting and sensory labs

Pros: Hands-on experience, networking opportunities
Cons: Travel required for in-person courses

Advanced Courses

Take your expertise to the next level with advanced topics:

  • Fine-tuning profiles and troubleshooting for consistency
  • Coffee chemistry and physics principles
  • Specialized software like Cropster and IoT monitoring tools
  • Business operations like scaling production and logistics
  • Typhoon partners with origin facilities for immersive courses

Pros: Cutting-edge techniques, deepened knowledge
Cons: Prerequisites usually required, high cost

Short Workshops

Condensed 1-3 day courses focus on specific skills:

  • Cupping intensives to refine palate sensitivity
  • Profiling software workshops for efficiency
  • Flexible formats as public workshops or private sessions
  • Typhoon offers profiling and cupping micro-courses

Pros: Targeted learning, low time commitment
Cons: Less comprehensive than full courses

Online Courses

Virtual courses make learning more accessible:

  • Self-paced video modules with quizzes and assignments
  • Cover core concepts and techniques
  • More affordable and flexible than in-person
  • Typhoon has online intro courses starting at $199

Pros: Convenience, lower cost
Cons: No hands-on roasting, less networking

Key Benefits of Taking a Coffee Roasting Course

Investing in coffee roasting education provides immense value through:

  • Improved quality and batch consistency
  • Innovations that increase capacity and efficiency
  • Enhanced skills for bringing out bean flavors through profiling
  • Troubleshooting roast issues to reduce defects
  • Hands-on experience with commercial equipment

Better Product Quality

Learn to truly optimize flavor and achieve specialty-grade coffee:

  • Targeting ideal roast levels for flavor development
  • Minimizing defects through process control
  • Refining your palate to detect nuances like citrus acidity, cocoa, and toasted marshmallow during cupping
  • Catering roast profiles to your customers’ preferences
  • Earning prestigious certifications like Q Grader to showcase your dedication to quality

Improved Consistency

Reduce batch-to-batch variability through education:

  • Implementing cupping protocols to identify inconsistencies
  • Controlling factors influencing variability
  • Leveraging tools like Cropster software and data analytics to achieve under 1% batch variability
  • Building trust through reliably delicious coffees

Increased Efficiency

Save time and maximize production capacity:

  • Optimizing roast profiles to minimize development time
  • Monitoring roasts remotely through IoT devices to reduce labor
  • Learning workflows like First-In-First-Out (FIFO) inventory management to reduce waste
  • Upgrading equipment like Typhoon Roasters to handle 20% higher volumes

Enhanced Business Operations

Apply your knowledge to set up systems for success:

  • Leverage coffee chemistry principles to inform business decisions
  • Improve inventory management and logistics strategies
  • Learn maintenance best practices for equipment longevity
  • Understand financials, sales, and marketing for running a roastery business
  • Positively impact your bottom line through expanded capabilities


Coffee roasting courses provide immersive education through theory and hands-on experience. Choosing a course suited to your current skills and business goals enables you to master the technical aspects of coffee roasting while also learning how to innovate and take your business to the next level.

The tangible benefits of improved product quality, consistency, efficiency and overall operations make coffee roasting courses a wise investment. With training from respected programs like Typhoon Roasters, you can confidently apply your enhanced expertise to delight customers with exceptional coffee.

To learn more about Typhoon Roasters’ innovative roasting equipment and coffee education offerings, visit https://typhoon.coffee.

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