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Bean Cycle Roasters’ Equipment Guide

January 2024
Bean Cycle Roasters’ Equipment Guide

Finding the right roasting equipment is crucial, yet daunting, for specialty coffee businesses looking to elevate their operations.

In this comprehensive guide from Bean Cycle Roasters, you’ll discover the intricate roasting equipment that enables them to craft nuanced Fort Collins coffee, along with strategies to upgrade your own roasting operations for growth and sustainability.

You’ll tour Bean Cycle’s commercial coffee roasters, milk steamers, and storage solutions, learning best practices for workflow efficiency, capacity planning, routine maintenance, and investing in eco-friendly innovations. With Bean Cycle’s equipment expertise, you can confidently upgrade your roasting operations for exceptional specialty coffee.

Introduction to Bean Cycle Roasters’ Specialty Coffee Equipment

Bean Cycle Roasters is dedicated to crafting exceptional specialty coffee using high-quality green beans and advanced roasting techniques. Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, they source organic coffee beans from around the world and carefully roast them to bring out complex flavors.

The Essence of Bean Cycle Roasters in Fort Collins

Founded in 2019 by coffee enthusiast Mike Smith, Bean Cycle Roasters aims to make organic, fair trade coffee more accessible. Mike is passionate about the entire coffee production process – from working closely with farmers to roasting beans in-house. His goal is to serve fresh roasted coffee that highlights the natural flavors of the bean.

Overview of Bean Cycle’s Roasting Equipment

To achieve optimal roast profiles, Bean Cycle uses a 25-kg Diedrich IR-25 coffee roaster. This drum roaster allows for precise control over the roasting temperature, time, and bean agitation. The result is a broad range of roast styles, from light to dark, that bring out the best characteristics of each coffee bean.

The Importance of Equipment in Crafting Specialty Coffee

The IR-25 coffee roaster gives Bean Cycle exceptional flexibility in developing custom roast profiles for different beans and desired flavor notes. Whether aiming for fruity acidity or rich, chocolatey espresso, the roaster can steadily apply heat to caramelize sugars and allow complex flavors to develop during first crack and beyond.

Deciding to Upgrade Roasting Equipment

As demand grows for Bean Cycle’s specialty coffee, Mike plans to upgrade to a larger Diedrich roaster. This will increase production capacity while maintaining excellent roast quality and consistency. The exceptional temperature and time precision of Diedrich’s patented roasting technology future-proofs the next stage of Bean Cycle’s growth.

Essential Coffee Roasting Equipment for Coffee Businesses

As a specialty coffee business, having the right roasting equipment is essential for producing consistent, high-quality coffee beans. Bean Cycle Roasters utilizes industry-leading technology and innovative techniques to create exceptional coffee profiles.

Choosing the Right Coffee Roaster

When selecting roasting equipment, Bean Cycle Roasters focuses on capacity, temperature control, and automation. Their flagship 30kg roaster features patented fluid bed technology for even heating and roasting. Precise temperature probes and digital controls allow their master roasters to follow specialty coffee association guidelines. Fully automated operation frees up time for cupping and developing new roast profiles.

Espresso and Latte Art Essentials

To prepare espresso and latte art, Bean Cycle Roasters uses top-of-the-line espresso machines like the La Marzocco Linea PB. The dual independent boilers provide consistent temperature and pressure for extracting sweet, balanced shots. High-end grinders like the Mahlkönig EK43 grind coffee beans uniformly for optimal flavor. Milk frothers and pitchers allow baristas to create beautiful latte art.

Roasting Equipment for Organic Coffee

When handling organic coffee beans, Bean Cycle Roasters utilizes dedicated organic processing and storage to prevent cross-contamination. The Typhoon fluid bed roasters offer organic certification and are specially designed to preserve the integrity of organic beans. Strict cleaning protocols ensure no residual oils or particles influence the flavor.

Maintaining Freshness: Storage and Packaging

Post-roasting, the beans are quickly cooled and transferred to valved bags that degass while retaining freshness. Climate-controlled storage rooms keep the beans at peak quality before distribution. Bean Cycle Roasters uses compostable kraft bags and oxygen-barrier pouches to extend shelf life without compromising sustainability.


Maximizing Roasting Operations with Bean Cycle Roasters

Bean Cycle Roasters utilizes innovative roasting technology and efficient workflows to produce exceptional quality coffee on a consistent basis. As a leading specialty coffee roaster in Fort Collins, they are continuously optimizing their operations to stay ahead in the industry.

Efficient Workflow in Roasting Operations

Bean Cycle Roasters employs a streamlined roasting process that maximizes productivity while maintaining strict quality control:

  • Coffee beans are carefully evaluated and cupped by expert tasters before roasting to determine optimal roast profiles
  • Batch sizes are calibrated to roaster capacity to ensure even and consistent roasts
  • Automated software tracks roast curves and data for analysis and fine-tuning
  • Standard operating procedures optimize workflow between roasting, cooling, and packaging

This efficient workflow enables the roasting team to work seamlessly together to output higher volumes of freshly roasted coffee daily.

Innovations in Roasting Technology

At the core of Bean Cycle’s operations are cutting-edge, programmable coffee roasters that leverage the latest roasting innovations:

  • Patent-pending roaster drum design agitates beans for superior heat transfer and development
  • Precise temperature and airflow controls create perfect roast profiles every time
  • Automated roasting software collects data and makes intelligent adjustments during roasts
  • Specialty attachments provide capabilities like drum speed control for experimentation

These intelligent roasters give Bean Cycle extensive flexibility to craft custom roasts and stay on the leading edge of coffee science.

Assessing Roasting Capacity for Business Growth

As demand grows, Bean Cycle methodically evaluates roasting output versus sales velocity to anticipate needs for expanded capacity:

  • Data analysis informs forecasts of production requirements over 3, 6, and 12 month horizons
  • Additional roasting systems are strategically added based on growth projections
  • Bean inventory levels are closely monitored to meet demand without deterioration

This capacity planning maintains sufficient headroom for increasing production as Bean Cycle’s business continues expanding.

Strategies for Consistent Roast Quality

Maintaining consistency and quality across all batches is critical for Bean Cycle Roasters. They employ several strategies to achieve this:

  • All green coffee inventory is cupped and graded to create baseline flavor profiles
  • Roast profiles are tested extensively before finalization to lock-in target flavors
  • Roasting team adheres to strict protocols for input measurements and system operation
  • Extensive lab analysis compares batches to quality benchmarks for early problem detection
  • Ongoing staff education and calibration sustains exemplary roasting expertise

This rigorous approach produces reliably delicious coffee that meets Bean Cycle’s gold standards every time.

Maintaining and Upgrading Roasting Equipment

Bean Cycle Roasters values maintaining top performance and consistency from our roasting equipment. As a leading Fort Collins coffee roaster supplying cafes across the region with fresh roasted coffee beans, we rely on our machines daily to produce exceptional espresso, lattes, and organic coffee.

Here’s some insight into how we care for our equipment and determine when upgrades benefit our roasting operations and sustainability commitments.

Routine Maintenance for Lasting Performance

To keep our roasters running in peak condition, we follow strict preventative maintenance routines:

  • Daily cleaning of the drum, cyclone, and destoner to prevent buildup
  • Weekly inspections and lubrication of moving parts
  • Replacing key components like gaskets and bearings at scheduled intervals
  • Annual servicing from certified technicians

This consistent care maximizes performance and ensures consistent roast profiles batch after batch. Small investments of time and planning prevent unexpected downtime and quality fluctuations.

When to Upgrade Your Coffee Roasting Equipment

With rapid growth and new wholesale partnerships, Bean Cycle periodically reevaluates capacity and upgrade needs. Key indicators include:

  • Roasting more pounds per week than the machine’s recommended capacity
  • Struggling to fulfill wholesale orders without reducing retail availability
  • Desired roast profile unattainable on current equipment
  • Frequent small repairs signaling impending breakdowns

Strategic upgrades keep pace with demand and prevent overtaxing machines. Eco-friendly fluid bed roasters also align with our sustainability commitments.

Investing in Sustainability with Eco-Friendly Roasters

From energy efficiency to lower emissions, Bean Cycle chooses roasters that reduce environmental impact. Benefits of our fluid bed machines include:

  • Energy savings up to 20% over traditional drum roasters
  • Reduced smoke and particulate emissions
  • Smaller footprint requiring less space and ventilation

These innovations maintain superb coffee quality while respecting the communities and environment supporting our business.

Training and Skill Development for Roasting Staff

With advanced equipment comes specialized skill requirements for quality assurance and maintenance. Our team undergoes extensive hands-on training to master:

  • Achieving optimal roast profiles for different beans
  • Diagnosing and addressing common mechanical issues
  • Following detailed cleaning and preventative upkeep routines
  • Monitoring roasts and recording data for consistency

Continuous education ensures roasting standards stay high as our offerings expand. An expert staff keeps our equipment running in sustainable peak condition.

Conclusion: Elevating Coffee with Bean Cycle Roasters’ Equipment

Bean Cycle Roasters utilizes specialized coffee roasting equipment to produce exceptional specialty coffee. Their equipment choices allow them to carefully control the roasting process, unlocking the full flavor potential of their ethically-sourced coffee beans.

Recap of Bean Cycle’s Equipment Strategy

Bean Cycle Roasters uses fluid bed coffee roasters manufactured by industry leader Typhoon Roasters. The fluid bed design enables even and consistent roasting heat distribution. Bean Cycle customizes the roasters’ settings to match the optimal roast profile for each coffee origin and varietal. This precision roasting maximizes quality and taste consistency batch after batch.

Future Outlook for Roasting Operations

As Bean Cycle Roasters continues growing, they plan to add larger capacity Typhoon roasters to increase output while maintaining exceptional quality standards. Their reputation for incredible specialty coffee drives demand from discerning coffee enthusiasts. Expanding production capacity will allow Bean Cycle to share their passion for coffee more widely.

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