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The Americano

March 2023
The Americano

The Americano drink may be the simplest coffee recipe, but is commonly compared to filter coffee, a nod to its origin, and often confused with the Lungo. Despite confusion, the Americano has a simple recipe explained through its history.

During the second world war, Italians served American soldiers espresso. They were grateful, but admitted the drink was too strong and ordered hot water to accompany. Today, the Americano has become a beverage of choice in many places far from its origin, like South Korea.

Despite its popularity through its short history, the americano coffee recipe is relatively unstandardized and the amount of hot water is drinker’s choice. The only matter is the order of espresso and hot water into the cup. When pouring an Americano, the recipe is espresso first and hot water second. This dissolves all but a small layer of crema which floats to the top. Otherwise, with espresso second, the drink is a Long Black, popular in Australia. Lungos are another matter entirely, where the barista simply runs extra water when making an espresso.

The Americano drink is a modern classic with a simple recipe to enjoy your daily dose of coffee.

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