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Typhoon Roaster Transforms Coffee Businesses

January 2024
Typhoon Roaster Transforms Coffee Businesses

Most coffee business owners would agree that taking coffee roasting in-house is an intimidating endeavor.

However, implementing a Typhoon Roaster specifically designed for small-to-medium commercial operations makes in-house roasting surprisingly achievable – with the potential to greatly empower business growth.

In this article, we’ll explore how the Typhoon Roaster is transforming specialty coffee companies by revolutionizing their production capabilities. From facility requirements to staff training to developing signature roast profiles, we’ll cover everything you need to know to integrate an efficient and profitable roasting operation.

Introduction: The Power of Commercial Coffee Roasting

Coffee roasting is an art and science that transforms green coffee beans into delicious roasted beans. Investing in a commercial coffee roaster allows cafes, roasteries, and other coffee businesses to control quality and flavor. Typhoon fluid bed coffee roasters provide unmatched roast consistency and capacity for growth. This article explores how the Typhoon Roaster can revolutionize a coffee business. We’ll cover the benefits of in-house roasting and how Typhoon equipment empowers operations.

  • Specialty coffee is one of the fastest growing segments of the food and beverage industry. Consumers increasingly value high quality, ethically sourced coffee products.
  • Roasting coffee in-house allows control over the entire process from green bean to cup. Cafes and roasteries seek to capitalize on demand for fresh, locally roasted coffee.
  • Investing in a commercial roaster provides opportunity for product innovation and uniqueness.

Challenges of Outsourcing vs In-House Roasting

  • Relying on an outside roaster means less control over quality, operations, and costs. Inconsistent roasting can lead to varying flavor profiles batch to batch.
  • Limited production capacity of outsourced roasting restricts business growth potential.
  • Acquiring green beans in bulk quantity can be cost prohibitive without own roaster.
  • Innovating with new blends and single origin offerings requires in-house roasting.

Benefits of Adding a Typhoon Roaster

  • Typhoon fluid bed technology allows unparalleled roast consistency and control.
  • Larger capacity Typhoon models enable increased production as business grows.
  • Can develop unique flavor profiles and blends with an in-house roaster.
  • Full control over the roasting process results in higher quality end product.
  • Typhoon Roasters have fast roast times to maintain workflow efficiency.

Models to Fit Any Coffee Business Needs

  • Typhoon Shop Roaster line offers capacities from 2.5 kg to 10 kg batches.
  • Larger Typhoon Industrial models range from 20 kg to 30 kg capacity.
  • Different heating options include gas or electric to suit business requirements.
  • Modular design allows DIY upgrades or additions down the road.
  • From pilot batches to high volume runs, Typhoon has a solution.

Return on Investment and Next Steps

  • In-house roasting with a Typhoon Roaster provides numerous operational benefits.
  • Take control of quality, costs, production, and innovation possibilities.
  • See significant long term cost savings from buying green beans in bulk.
  • Leverage fresh roasted coffee to attract and retain more customers.
  • Reach out for a Typhoon Test Drive to experience benefits firsthand.

Implementing the Typhoon Roaster

Proper planning, setup, and operation is key to maximizing roaster performance. An ideal installation would have a dedicated space with proper ventilation and utilities connections. Staff training ensures safe, efficient use and maintenance of the equipment. Developing distinctive roast profiles takes experimentation but leads to unique flavors. Seamlessly integrating the roaster into day-to-day workflow and production is also critical.

Facility Requirements for Installation

  • Requires 208-240V electrical connection or gas line hookup depending on the Typhoon model
  • Adequate ventilation system like a hood to manage chaff and emissions
  • Sufficient space for the roaster, cooler, storage, and workflow around the equipment
  • Complex utilities setup – consult commercial roaster installation guides
  • May require facility upgrades like a new electrical panel to support the roaster

Operating Procedures and Staff Training

  • Thoroughly read and follow instructions in Typhoon equipment manuals
  • Implement safety protocols like emergency stop buttons and fire suppression
  • Train staff on proper loading, operating, cleaning procedures
  • Learn how to make adjustments to control roast degree and flavor
  • Optimize workflow when transitioning from roasting to cooling and storage

Developing Your Roast Profiles

  • Take notes on time, temperature, and adjustments for each roast batch
  • Cup samples from different roast levels to determine optimal flavor
  • Make airflow damper adjustments to influence flavor and roast degree
  • Profile development requires trial and error to perfect the roast
  • Consult experienced roasting professionals for guidance

Integration with Production and Packaging

  • Schedule roasting sessions to align with production capacity needs
  • Quickly transfer roasted beans to cooling trays to lock in freshness
  • Proper storage in bags or bins retains flavor and bean quality
  • Streamline workflow between roasting and packaging to prevent bottlenecks
  • Adjust roast batch sizes and frequency to meet demand

Maintenance and Service Needs

  • Follow prescribed maintenance like cleaning thermocouples and fans
  • Inspect for damage or issues during regular equipment checks
  • Replace parts like belts, gaskets, bearings as needed over time
  • Professional servicing ensures optimal performance and lifespan
  • Schedule annual maintenance service call with technicians


Investing in a Typhoon Roaster enables coffee businesses to take complete control over their coffee production process. By roasting in-house, you can fine-tune profiles to achieve consistent roast quality and unlock new possibilities for business growth.

Key benefits of in-house roasting with a Typhoon Roaster include:

  • Consistent Roast Profiles: Achieve precision control over bean temperature, roast time, and flavor development. This leads to reliable and repeatable roast profiles batch after batch.

  • Quality Control: Closely monitor the roasting process and make quick adjustments. This maximizes bean quality and minimizes defects.

  • Cost Savings: Reduce dependency on outsourced roasting services. In-house roasting can lead to profit margin improvements over the long run.

  • New Products: Experiment with new roast styles and bean varieties to create signature blends. This can attract new customers and increase sales.

Properly training staff and integrating the roaster into existing operations is vital for success. Take the first step by contacting Typhoon Roasters about their Test Drive program to experience the roaster hands-on before committing to a purchase. This will clarify if the system aligns with your business goals.


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