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Equipping your commercial coffee shop for high volume and quality

October 2023
Equipping your commercial coffee shop for high volume and quality


Operating a busy coffee shop requires having the right equipment in place to efficiently prepare high-quality drinks at a fast pace to meet customer demand. Outfitting your cafe with specialized commercial machines like espresso makers, coffee brewers, grinders, and more enables you to significantly expand capacity and consistency. This allows you to focus on delighting customers rather than getting bogged down by limited capabilities.

Proper commercial grade equipment improves your shop’s ability to produce hundreds of coffees, lattes, cold brews and more each day. Investing in the right tools pays dividends through higher customer satisfaction, sales, and loyalty over the long-term. Reliable and durable machines bring repeatability and standardization to your menu. Capable equipment also enables your baristas to showcase their skills and craft incredible tasting drinks.

When equipping a commercial coffee shop, you need to evaluate factors like speed, reliability, durability, and ease of use in addition to flavor and beverage quality. This guide covers key equipment categories and models to consider when outfitting a high volume shop striving for both quantity and quality.

Espresso Equipment

Espresso Equipment

Espresso is the backbone of most coffee shop menus. Shots are used in everything from straight espresso to lattes, mochas, and more. For busy shops, having an exceptional automatic espresso machine is critical for building complex coffee drinks fast. Top brands like La Marzocco, Slayer, Synesso, and Victoria Arduino are industry leaders, known for performance, reliability and craftsmanship.

When choosing a commercial espresso machine, prioritize group head count, steam wand power, heating capabilities, durability, and ease of use. Comparing pump versus lever machines, models with at least 4-6 bar pump pressure and powerful steam wands properly extract espresso and texture milk. PID controllers help maintain optimal brewing temperature shot after shot. Pairing your espresso machine with a high-end commercial grinder is crucial for consistent grind size and flavor extraction.

Espresso Machines

When evaluating espresso machines, consider factors like the number of group heads, boiler size, heating elements, construction, and usability. Semi-automatic, automatic, and super automatic machines range in capabilities. Two group heads can support medium demand, while four or more are better for high volume shops pulling hundreds of shots daily. The size of the portafilter baskets impact how many shots you can pull at once.

Top picks like the La Marzocco Strada feature dual PID controllers for precision temperature and continuous automatic brewing. With 4 group heads and swift auto-steaming wands, it can effortlessly produce back-to-back drinks with consistent quality. For ultimimate control, the Slayer Espresso ONE is a gorgeous single group lever machine handmade in Seattle. Its manual pre-infusion and pressure profiling capabilities enable unparalleled espresso complexity and sweetness. However it requires highly skilled baristas to master its hands-on operation.

Espresso Grinders

Choosing a specialized espresso grinder is vital for shot quality and consistency. With espresso, grind size is paramount. Commercial models need to produce an extremely fine and uniform grind texture optimized for dense espresso pucks. Durability, low heat generation, precision, and easy grind adjustments are also key features to look for. Conical steel burrs are preferable over blades for consistency.

The Mahlkönig EK43 is a high-performance doserless conical burr workhorse capable of grinding at an incredible rate without overheating the beans. Its innovative grind adjustment system and dispensing paddle ensure precise on-demand dosing. The EK43 is known for its versatility, able to grind from turkish fine to cold brew coarse with minimal retention between settings. This commercial grinder’s speed, precision, and simplicity offer tremendous value for high volume cafes.

Brewing Equipment

While espresso may be the star, most shops also serve batch brewed filter coffee, pour overs, and cold brew to satisfy varied customer preferences. Batch coffee systems allow you to brew hot coffee in larger volumes at the touch of a button. Pour over brewers produce specialized manual pourovers showcasing your barista’s skills. Cold brew taps provide smooth delicious iced coffee.

When choosing brewers, evaluate batch size, durability, reliability, and ease of use. Top brands include Curtis, FETCO, Marco, Nuova Simonelli, and more. Well-designed brewing equipment improves your ability to efficiently prepare batches of drip coffee, cold brew, nitro brews, and manual pour overs to order.

Batch Brewers

Batch brewers automate hot filtered coffee production. Airpot models brew directly into dispensers, while plumbed systems connect to coffee and water lines for continuous access. Look for adjustable settings like batch size, brew strength, and temperature. Reliability and maintenance needs are also considerations.

The Curtis G4 Airpot offers a 2.5 gallon capacity with Gold Cup extraction and satellite brewing capabilities. The FETCO CBS-2032eH XTS features a 3 gallon capacity, 3 warmers, and can brew into airpots or plumbed dispensers. Both brewers have programmable batch sizes and screens. Reliable batch brewers like these allow you to schedule automated coffee brewing around peak business hours for speed and freshness.

Pour-Over Brewers

Though batch brewers are efficient, pour over systems allow baristas to showcase their craft with manual pourovers. Models from Marco, Curtis, and others include heated gooseneck kettles, programmable temperature control, and flow rate valves for an optimal bloom phase. This level of control highlights specific coffee tasting notes.

The Marco Über Boiler provides precision temperature control for manual pourover brewing. Pair it with a brew cone and the Curtis YC-4 Pourover Brewer for an elegant pour over bar that allows customers to see their coffee being expertly prepared to order. With the right tools, trained baristas can deliver incredible small-batch coffees that highlight unique origins and processing methods.

Specialty Equipment

Beyond primary coffee equipment, commercial shops need additional specialty gear like blenders, cold foamers, tea brewers, and more. Undercounter ice machines churn out pounds of ice to keep cold drinks chilled. Dishwashers are essential for high volume cafes. When designing your shop, ensure adequate space for these important utility machines.

Quality specialty equipment choices include Vitamix blenders, Curtis undercounter ice makers, Marco sparkling water systems, Rancilio espresso tampers, and Avantco dishwashers. With the right specialty gear to support your core coffee offerings, you enable baristas to explore creative menus and new coffee trends.

Workflow Optimization

More vital than any specific machine is designing your overall shop layout and workflow for efficiency. Your equipment pipeline and employee training should seamlessly work together to minimize bottlenecks. Positioning espresso machines centrally near shared grinders removes redundant motion. Straight multi-barista bar layouts improve collaboration.

Proper workflow training ensures staff work in sync during rushes. Post written recipes and service sequences for consistency. Tools like sensors and IoT devices can track inventory levels and monitor equipment remotely to catch issues before they become major slowdowns. Refine your menu to balance popular drinks with production complexity. When workflow is optimized, your shop’s true capabilities shine.


To operate a thriving "commercial coffee shop" that delights customers with speed and quality, investing in specialized equipment is essential. Automatic espresso machines like La Marzocco paired with precise grinders like Mahlkönig enable fast, consistent drink production. Reliable batch brewers satisfy self-serve drip coffee demand. With the right foundation of durable, commercial-grade equipment designed for high volume beverage preparation, you gain the capacity to serve more customers without sacrificing quality or complexity. But shiny tools alone aren’t enough – you need to strategically optimize the layout and workflow of your shop. With outstanding equipment and operations in place, you can confidently run a world-class cafe.

For those looking to enhance their coffee roasting capabilities, be sure to check out Typhoon Roasters’ innovative <a href="https://typhoon.coffee" style="color:blue;">commercial coffee equipment</a>. Their smartly designed product lineup can help take your "commercial coffee shop" to the next level.

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